Why Should You Go for a Custom Database

Why Should You Go for a Custom Database

Digital transformation has completely changed the dynamics of this world and businesses are adapting to new business models. Whether it is B2B businesses or B2C businesses, digitalization has taken over everything. However, data still remains the most lucrative factor that basically drives any business. If your company is also data-driven, then it is the right time to spend some of your savings on a custom database.

These custom databases are tailored for your business needs and requirements. They are specifically engineered by keeping your company’s operations in the mind. However, it may seem weird but the question is whether going for a custom-built database is a lucrative or effective option? Are you going to achieve the business goals you’re aspiring for? Well, let’s get this straight, any business that deals with a heap of data basically depends upon that data for its operations, and if the data isn’t managed efficiently, your company’s operations can severely slow down to an extent unimaginable.

Some Common Misconceptions

It has been widely speculated and stated that digital transformation does good only to big corporate sectors and enterprises. This tends small businesses and medium sized enterprises to avoid the digital transformation. But to be honest, digital transformation and evolution is the need of the hour and every business, be it small or medium sized should adapt to modern digitization techniques to enhance the value they provide to their customers.

Moreover, digital experts have also understood the significance of these digital solutions and designed tailored-made digital solutions. However, every business differs from other businesses and each business has its own set of goals making ready-made digital solutions sometimes useless for them. In these cases, custom-built applications and software can be developed and address each and every business requirement separately. Many recent studies have concluded, saying that most of the businesses prefer custom built database over off-the-shelf solutions, since customised solutions are designed for each specific business requirement.

Custom databases have proven themselves to be real game-changers especially when you’re looking to enhance your business KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Here are some of the reasons justifying custom databases as a practical solution and why should you opt for it.

1- Adequate Management of Data

Every business whether it is small, medium sized, or large enterprise depends on data for efficient execution. Be it, customer data, market research, analytics, customer behavior, operations, or performance metrics. In the world of the advanced digital age, when digitization is in full swing, data has been the preamble of everything. You can’t expect to succeed, innovate, and experiment with your business if adequate and precise data isn’t available. Most of the business operations nowadays rely on data accumulation and data analysis. The right data management strategy and tool for your business can boost your business operations to maximum and enhance its efficacy and credibility.

An off-the-shelf solution is quite generic in its operations and usually never works fine for every type of business model. Now here comes custom database into action, with its advanced technology and its tailored specificity for a certain business, it is certain to enhance the business operations. A custom database can help you manage your customer’s data efficiently by keeping a keen look over some of the important metrics like visualization, reporting, and automatic alerts to name the few. With Megabits, you can get a custom database with some of the most sophisticated algorithms that display the most accurate and precise information.

2- Faster Execution of Business Ideas and Cost-effectiveness

With the advent of the digital era, competition has also become fierce since many businesses have been registered locally and internationally to deliver their services. In the midst of this, many businesses suffer huge losses due to inappropriate work regime and poor strategizing. Having a great business idea is one thing but executing that idea to perfection is another. Every now and then, certain opportunities will be created but in the era of such competitiveness, one needs to capitalize over the slightest opportunity. Taking risk is more like a business rule but why should one take risk if the better digital solution is available? Rather than relying over off-the-shelf applications for data analysis, custom built database should be used.

What makes a custom database so amazing is its speed of development and a lightning quick delivery. If you don’t want to miss any opportunity, try making things quick by building custom database applications, especially at Megabits where custom databases are made 10 times faster than the other traditional programming methods. These custom database apps are also more cost-effective than the traditional programming methods since you can easily drag and drop the components as per your requirement. In short, if you’re looking to fasten up the process of data management, you can easily get the custom database ready with complete integrations within a matter of some weeks.

3- Scaling Your Business Upwards

Everyone loves to grow and each one of us looks for better advanced methods and strategies to scale up our businesses. However, scalable businesses require such scalable solutions that can scale up the whole business model. Any new system you’re going for will be accessible, scalable, and support your business growth. But off-the-shelf solutions can usually decrease the scalable opportunities for businesses. However, it may work just fine for some time, but these solutions have their own particular set of limitations that restrict it to scale up as the business grows.

Keeping your business in mind and considering the growth opportunities that rest for you, a custom built database can serve as the perfect option. Since there are tons of opportunities and directions for businesses to grow and you don’t want an outdated application or software to ruin these opportunities for you. Customised databases can help you stay ahead of other businesses that are still relying on outdated applications due to its ability to customize and upgrade with time according to the business goals.

4- Rely on a secure and amazing customer support application

Digitization has its own set of benefits but there are certain drawbacks to adopt to digitization of businesses. Development of a customised software for the sake of any particular business isn’t a walk in a park because it requires sincere dedication and effective integration of different relational functionalities. Experiencing different kinds of bugs is a common practice while working with software solutions, but ready-made software solutions can be even more tougher. Because if you’re going to experience any kind of bug, you need to report this to the customer-care team while it can take really long time to fix, since these bugs are usually on a platform level.

On the contrary, if you’re going with custom-built database solutions, you can expect better security since the provided database is tailored-made for your business model. In short, you’ll experience immediate and effective technical customer support. This dedicated world-class customer support will be provided regardless of the location or company’s size. So, if you’re searching for a secure and reliable option, customised database solution can be a game-changer for you.

5- Easily Integrate with Other Software

There are different departments running in a single business and every department has its own set of data from where they drive their strategies. The data varies department to department, sometimes making it tough to fix the data problems you encounter. Don’t consider this data as a liability since every piece of data can serve as an opportunity for your business. So, investing in a software that can manage every data efficiently and easily integrate with other software can be a huge plus.

The Customised database usually integrates with other software through the APIs that helps the different departments of business to collaborate efficiently and perform interactive operations improving the productivity. Custom databases can be easily integrated with applications like Accountings, HR, finance, operations, sales, audits, marketing, and many more through the API.


If you are still wary of the decision to go for a customised database solution, you should leave your query to the professionals and contact Megabits for a solution that fits your business and your budget. One thing is for sure, a custom application always pays off for its value. Not only that, every effort you put in is repaid in multiples, it’s just about some time when you need to be a little patient and trust the custom application data. Since nothing is better than a data driven strategy!