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Custom Database Solutions

Businesses today face the challenge of storing and managing a huge amount of data in their databases. Yet the struggle doesn't end with volume; data complexity is also increasing. With a custom database, your business can easily manage its data.

With custom workflows, visualisations, and reporting, you'll be able to save a lot of money and time by streamlining operations.

What is Custom Database Development?

There are a few good reasons why you'd want a custom database developed. For one, a custom database saves time and money. Even though a generalised database comes ready to use, it might cost you more in the long run since you might have to input the same information repeatedly to make it work.

The initial cost of custom databases may be slightly higher, but the long-term savings will easily make up for the difference. It's even possible to create a basic custom database for roughly the same price as ready-to-use systems. While it might not have all the bells and whistles now, you'll be able to easily add features and other functionalities down the road as your business grows.

Why Develop a Custom Database?

There are a few good reasons why you want a custom database developed. For one, a custom database costs way less to develop. While a generalised database comes in a ready-to-use setup, it could potentially mean spending more money in the long run. In some cases, you might have to input the same information again and again just to get it running.

A custom database, despite having a slightly higher initial cost, can be easily compensated by the savings you can enjoy in the long-run. In fact, you can even have a basic custom database that costs roughly the same as a ready-to-use system. While it might have limited functionality, you are free to add features and other functionalities along the way as your business continues to grow.

How Does it Compare with an Off-the-Shelf Database?

As mentioned earlier, any off-the-shelf database has very generalised functionality. You'll often run into situations where you just can't get it doing what you need it to. As a result, you'll have to find a workaround... and this can be time-consuming. In contrast, a custom database system is tailored specifically to the needs of your business. During the development phase, we'll get to know your business and how it operates so the database you get is designed for your specific operational requirements.

What Kind of Custom Database Can Be Developed for My Business?

There are tons of functions and features that can be included with your customised database depending on what your business needs. We'll gather and organise information so we can determine the most efficient approach for you.

Customer Database Software
Build strong relationships with your customers by providing quality and exceptional service. Database software makes it easier to manage customer profiles and contact information.
Marketing Database Software
Take advantage of customer insights to improve your marketing strategy. Using database software to create targeted lists can help you with direct marketing campaigns.
Inventory Database Software
Maintain accurate records of your stock using inventory database software. This will allow you to make faster and more informed inventory management decisions.
Employee Database Software
It's possible to manage all your employee information centrally, even tracking their time off and processing payroll.
Order Database Software
Make it easier to find the right candidates for a vacant job position in your company. It also makes the entire onboarding process a lot more efficient.

Let's get you tracking your customers' activities and processing their orders more efficiently!

What else can my business gain from custom database development?

In addition to the advantages discussed above, a custom database gives you access to more accurate and real-time information, resulting in better business decisions. Here's what else you can expect from building custom database software with

Expert consultation about your needs.
A professional database developer will discuss your requirements during the development phase. If you have questions or concerns, we're here for you.
A profitable data strategy.
Additionally, we'll engage with IT professionals and business analysts to develop a relevant strategy for your database.
An efficient means of collecting and storing data
Collect, organise, store, and use data from your orders and inventory to your company's advantage.
Have the data you need at your fingertips.
Your custom database can be accessed via your smartphone or tablet, so you've got your important information when you need it: anytime, anywhere.
A system that's customised to your needs.
A custom database promises to meet your business' needs and create the most efficient workflow for your employees.
Make scalable upgrades.
Purpose-built databases are not only highly customisable but also scalable. Consequently, they can grow to meet the demands of your growing business.
Receive ongoing support when you need it.
We don't dump and run. Even when the project is complete, support is still available to keep your database running the way it should.

What is the Process to Develop a Custom Database for My Business?

Understanding the scope
In order to meet your needs, we'll learn about your business, understand your processes, and then develop a solution.
Database design
After gathering the information we need, the next step is database design. This helps us choose the most suitable management system and ensure scalability.
Application development
Next, the application needs to be developed. Code is written, the performance of the app is optimised and bugs are spotted... then we'll give it to you for initial feedback.
We'll take the app for a spin to test its performance and run a final check for any weak spots in the code.
Deployment and maintenance
When everything is done, the system is released on app stores and client servers. We offer ongoing maintenance to ensure it's able to keep up with your business and user needs.

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By categorising data, databases enable users to find the information they need quickly and easily.

It's the process of creating a database tailored to meet the needs of a specific organisation.

It all depends on what kind of software you want and what kind of functions you want to be included. Our team can estimate your project if you'd like a quote.

Even after the project is complete, we'll be here to maintain and support your software. Updates will continue to be pushed, performance will be optimised, and we'll always be happy to respond to your questions.