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We offer customised software solutions that streamline and simplify your business' unique processes and systems. You'll be able to say goodbye to the frustrations caused by patchwork software systems for good! Working with the understanding Megabits team means you'll finally get a software solution that always does exactly what you're wanting it to.

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Our Team -

Megan Cotton

Programmer - Chief-Problem-Solver

Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Software Development

Megan has been playing in the world of IT since before Google (yes she is that old) so there is not much she hasn't seen or worked on. After 20 plus years in the industry, Megan is happy to pass her coding hat to the "guys". These days he role in megabits is primarily project management and chief-problem-solver but every now and again she gets in and codes, much to the dismay of her team mates.

Our Team -

Stephen Wooster


Cert III in Information Technology

Cert IV in Information Technology (Multimedia)

Stephen has been working at Megabits for the past four years, working predominantly on web based platforms. "Some people call it 'being an indoors person', I prefer to think of it as sitting atop my throne of technology."

Our Team -

Zac Hyndman


Bachelor of Engineering (Software Systems)

Zac is an enthusiastic problem solver with a passion for technology and the technical details of software. He has a talent for working with software integration and is always up for a challenge. Zac has abilities and experience covering a broad range of applications from desktop and mobile software to online systems.

Our Team -

Dean Winchester

Front End Developer

Bachelor of Science (Software Engineering)

Dean is a creative guy and problem solver with his years of Front End Development experience. His primary goal is quality and user-friendliness, No matter how much this costs in terms of commitment or lines of code.

Our Team -

Anandu Suresh


Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Science)

Anandu is a freshly graduate program developer from QUT (Bachelor of Information Technology), apt in working on mobile apps as well as web applications. New to Megabits he strives to increase his knowledge base in programming and IT. As a fast learner and a curious mind, his passion for IT leads him to do his work with genuinity and maximum quality.

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