What's the bottleneck in your business? What's slowing your business growth? If you have a sneaking suspicion it's your clunky, patchwork software systems, chances are, you're right. By custom building your software solution, Megabits streamline and simplify your unique business systems to exponentially increase your productivity and output. We're here to make your life and business easier and more profitable.
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These are just a few of the awesome platforms that we have built over the years. If you would like to talk to us about easing the frustrations created by "patchwork" software systems, Click Here to book a free consultation

Flowtech National by Megabits.com.au

Flowtech National

Overview: Flowtech National are an international company that provide HVAC commissioning reports. They have franchises in WA, SA, QLD and Ireland. This system incorporates a custom CRM, staff tracking and timesheets, invoicing functionality and some awesome air condition and NATA reporting capabilities. This system was originally built in 2010 when the company consisted of 2 employees. Last year we rolled out the new and much improved system that now supports over 50 employees.

Technology: Microsoft ASP.NET V4, SQL 2012, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, API and an App component for technicians

Commercial Clean Australia by Megabits.com.au

Commercial Clean Australia

Overview: Commercial Clean Australia are a Sunshine Coast based cleaning company that service QLD and NSW. This system is a web-based platform that combines a custom CRM tool, job tracking and staff management. This system allows CCA to track leads, convert leads to clients and manage the team, their way. Stage 1 was built in 2017, stage 2 was added in 2018 , stage 3 was added in 2019. The benefit of custom software is that is grows with your business.

Technology: Microsoft ASP.NET V4, SQL 2012, HTML5, CSS

FIT College by Megabits.com.au

FIT College

Overview: Fitcollege are a nationally recognised fitness RTO. They have licensees in Australia, Fiji, the Philippines, Solomon Islands and Norfolk Island. This system is a web-based student assessment platform with separate student & staff lounges. Students can complete fitness and fitness related certificates online, without ever having to step foot in a class room. This system integrates with an off-the shelf RTO software package, a payment API and the system provides FitCollege the flexibility they require to adapt to the ever-changing fitness industry.

Technology: Microsoft ASP.NET V4, SQL 2012, HTML5, CSS, Multiple API integration

Goop Guys by Megabits.com.au

Goop Guys

Overview: Goop Guys are a national company with franchises in QLD, NSW, VIC, they make temporary surface protection coating designed specifically for builders to help save them stress, time and money. This system is a web based portal that connects the franchise to head office. All job scheduling and client information is co-ordinated in a simple, easy to use portal, we even built in a function that integrates with xero. 1 year after we rolled out the system, we built a custom estimating module for them

Technology: Microsoft ASP.NET V4, SQL 2012, CSS, XERO API integration

KLM Gas by Megabits.com.au


Overview: Windows based platform for LPG gas delivery & scheduling. Because the NBN is not all it cracked up to be, we still write windows-based software. This system manages and tracks over 10,000 customer gas bottle and 100,000 of deliveries each year. This system runs across a local network

Technology: Microsoft ASP.NET V2, Visual Studio, SQL 2012