sti Top 10 Benefits of a Custom Database

Top 10 Benefits of a Custom Database

I recently read an article outlining the top one hundred benefits of a custom web database. It made me laugh as I saw it, as those sort of lists usually only go up to twelve, at a stretch. But then I thought about it a little more and it is true, there are so many benefits in designing a custom database for many businesses. For me, one hundred points is a bit too many. So, I am going to list the top ten. Surely ten benefits will outweigh any amount of disadvantages that can be made up. Here goes.

1. You will save time

A proper database that is made to fit your business will save you time. One of the main reasons for this is that all the data you need can be found in one easy to access program. We see people using spreadsheets, CRM’s, job sheets, contact detail holders, mailing lists and many more programs. All of these can be collated into one platform, that can be accessed by whoever you want quickly online.

2. Gain More Understanding And Control

If you want it to, a custom database program can plan what needs to be done when. It can also then track who did what. When they did it. Where they did it and so on. This can take other calendar programs, and people’s memories out of the picture.

3. Better Data Storage

Databases can be made to secure information securely through encryption. Data integrity can be maintained by limiting who can access what. Input validation can be installed to ensure all required details are entered in formats that you want only.

4. Combine Other Peoples Data

We can create software that finds and collates data you want from other sources. This might include weather reports, census data, Google analytics, social media posts or other information that is useful to your business.

5. Manage KPI’s

A one stop database can help you to both set and monitor KPI’s. Whether they are sales figures, job costing, task timing, profit margins, staff upselling or other details. Your database can create your KPI’s and help you understand how well you or others are performing.

6. Makes Working Remotely Easier

If you need staff to work from home, or from remote locations, or on the road, a custom database makes it easier for them to do so. They can access all the data they need. Make orders. Arrange appointments. Record whatever they need to really. All from the palm of their hand. Hey, you could feel better working from home too, as you can monitor your staff more efficiently.

7. End The Excel Madness, Please

Microsoft Excel was never designed to be a database. It is not a database. It is good at making and managing lists. It can do so pretty complex calculations for you. It can be easily overwritten. Easily corrupted. Easily mismanaged. Do yourself a favour. Be better than and Excel spreadsheet.

8. Be More Compliant

Many industries, such as finance or healthcare need to track or record compliance tasks. Database applications can be designed to make this process easier. They can also help manage safety compliance, or for recording training completed by staff / management.

9. Make Better Decision

With better data, you can make better decisions. With a better understanding of what is happening within your organisation, you can make better decision. With better reports, you can make better decisions. With more confidence in your data and operations, you can make better decisions. With a custom database you can make better decisions.

10. Make more money

There are many ways that custom databases can help you make more money. Profit can be tracked. Time can be managed. Waste can be reduced. There are many ways a custom database can help you make more money. You could even resell it or license it to others like many of our valued clients have already done.

There you go. A quickfire ten reasons why a Custom Made Database can be of benefit to your business. They are so much better that an off the shelf product that will always have limitations and annoying features. One you go custom, you’ll never go back.