Isn't it time to boost your productivity with custom business software?

Businesses with custom software written to their precise needs often find a much higher productivity rate than those that rely on off-the-shelf packages. There are many different types of custom business software that could benefit your organisation, including accounting, project management, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory control, point of sale (POS), time tracking, and scheduling.
Many businesses find custom software more productive because it is purpose-built to suit individualised needs. Tailoring the technology requirements to what you need can maximize productivity and allow you to say goodbye to clunky, outdated, and complicated systems that don't do what you really need them to.
Because custom solutions can be designed around specific business processes that you've established over many years, this means employees who've worked within these processes for years can adapt quickly and enjoy high levels of productivity from the get-go. Staff won't need to navigate through complicated menus or learn an awkward interface – everything will have been created with your specific requirements in mind.
Off-the-shelf business software is often designed around a generic framework that benefits only a very specific segment of a market or industry, while a custom solution can incorporate any number of parameters and variables. This allows your business to work according to its own rules rather than having to follow an out-of-the-box script with features and functions you may never touch.
However you think, we can create a software solution to suit. For example, drop-down lists of possible choices can be written into your software, so users don't need to remember complex codes or keep logging out of one program and into another just to access all the pieces of information they need. We can also get your custom software talking to other tech platforms you already use for a seamless solution that saves time and boosts productivity.
Once built, tailored business software is also far easier to further customise if you need to, so you can roll out updates and changes in just a few clicks. It's even possible to create customised workflows for different users within your company based on their position or role, meaning everyone has exactly what they need at their fingertips when they need it.
Custom business software can be written with any platform, programming language or database structure you require, and because there are no licensing fees involved, custom development can, in the long term, be an extremely cost-effective option for your business.
Isn't it time to get rid of those time-consuming, outdated applications that are holding back productivity and use a bespoke software solution that will allow everyone to collaborate seamlessly?
Contact the team at Megabits today to discuss how we can help with custom business software that's built around your requirements and runs perfectly from day one!