Crazy, Stupid, Excel

When Microsoft created the excel spreadsheet, they never intended for it to be a database. Being nerd geniuses themselves, I am sure the creators of Excel would be horrified if they knew how many people used Excel as a database for their business.

Imagine they knew how many mistakes, how many bad decisions, how much heartache at lost data their program had caused. Unknowingly of course. All it was ever meant to be was a spreadsheet after all.

The message here is, "Be Better Than An Excel Spreadsheet!"

Have you seen the movie Crazy Stupid Love? It's great, one of my favourites. In one funny scene the Ryan Gosling character, Jacob, is taking the Steve Carrel character, Cal, clothes shopping. They get to choosing him new jeans and Jacob tells Cal that his jeans make him look like he has a Mum Butt.

Cal is getting tired and tells Jacob they should just go to the Gap for jeans. At this Jacob just turns away and walks out. This is how I often feel, like Jacob, when business owners tell me they are using Excel as their database. I would love to do what happens next sometimes. Cal follows Jacob out asking him what's wrong. Jacob stops, turns around, gives him a slap, and tells him, "be better than the Gap".

Be better than Excel.

In the same way a nice pair of well fitting jeans will make you look more stylish, a custom database program for your business, will make you more professional at work. It will help you be more accurate, more efficient, more confident, and it will help you make more money.

I believe that Charles Simonyi was the key figure behind the design and creation of Excel. And also Microsoft Word, the program I am typing this entertaining blog post on. While I am sure he too could have used a clothes shopping trip with Ryan Gosling, we should all salute him. Excel is a great spreadsheet program. Plus he made enough money to go to space as a tourist.

But he never invented a database like we can. One that could take your business into outer space. And make you life a whole lot easier too.