Xero Integration: the importance of your software playing nicely together

Out of the box, Xero is respected accounting software with some great functionality, but it just can't do everything..and honestly, it wasn't built to.
Tacking on a third-party app - or a series of them - might solve some of your problems, but it's a clunky solution. Too many variables and moving parts mean things can quickly go wrong, and there's no guarantee the ad-hoc software combination will be able to adapt as your business grows or changes.
Suppose you're a Xero user who has added a series of other apps or software platforms to meet your needs fully. In that case, it's probably time to talk to us about a solution that integrates seamlessly with Xero AND has all the functionality your business wants in a single built-for-you application.

Multiple software products and apps are usually from a range of developers,

which means they've probably all got different upgrade and maintenance schedules. If a system upgrade to even one of your apps causes it to stop working with another, then you're looking down the barrel of chaos.
It's not always simple to discover where the break has occurred, and you'll waste valuable time and money while systems are down, while you troubleshoot, and then search for alternatives. A single fully functional custom-built software solution removes the variables and is easily updated to keep in sync with Xero.

Investing in custom-built software ultimately saves time and money. When you begin adding a slew of third-party apps to Xero, there's a price to pay for multiple software licences and recurring fees that impact your bottom line. Efficiently built custom software that does what you need - and only what you need - without unnecessary coding is a much more efficient investment. Instead of many, there's one initial outlay, and further changes to meet your business growing needs are cost-efficient.

As your business grows, custom software gives you the power to pick and choose additional features that will be the best solution for your changing needs. You certainly won't find the same sort of adaptability in off-the-shelf products.

Rated 1st by SoftwareWorld in the Top 10 Accounting Software in Australia 2021 category, Xero is the bookkeeping software package of choice for many businesses. It's not entirely customisable, so 3rd-party integrations are often sought, such as a database, messaging features, real-time reporting, marketing capabilities or logistics management. For your business to run seamlessly, it's crucial any add-ons play nicely.. but this is complex to ensure and maintain, especially if there are many.

Megabits can code a single add-on application that will integrate with Xero and remove the headache and hassles of too many bits and pieces behind the scenes. We'll take the time to get to know your business needs and build all the functionality you need now and into the near future into a single piece of software. We're also easy to contact for any questions or support needs once you're up and running with your new Xero-friendly customised solution.

To get started with a customised solution that helps Xero do everything you'd love it to do, click here to arrange an obligation-free consultation call.